XDISC Sponsored Athlete, Daniel O'Neill

2X World Champion Daniel O’Neill Becomes First XDISC Sponsored Athlete

XDISC welcomes world class athlete, Daniel O'Neill, to the team as our first official XDISC Sponsored Athlete. Look for Daniel on Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok!


XDISC is the world’s most versatile flying disc. Our patented aerodynamic design is super accurate and stable, making flying easy and fun for beginners. The inset, central pyramid not only improves flight, it also enhances everyone’s ability, no matter the skill level, to invent new awesome moves!
The gaming possibilities of XDISC are endless!


Makes XDISC fly great! Easy for anyone to get a good throw.


The four-sided pyramid acts like a rudder and eliminates disc distortion during launch.


Yes! Try the ones in our Play page or make-up your own tricks.

Made for Play

We’ve put our heart and soul into making XDISC the best it can be. Made in beautiful Denver, Colorado.

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