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XDISC Games Guide

Learn how to play active and creative games with XDISC! Play classics like HORSE and Hot Potato or the Bommarang Return. Learn some basic Tricks and take it to a whole new level with games that use advanced Tricks.

Spin Time

XDISC Spins Like a Top

Right-side-up and upside-down. Learning to get a good right-side-up spin takes a few tries, but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! The motion is similar to the twisting wrist motion of squeezing an orange and half like snapping your fingers. A good spin can last for a really long time.

Upside-Down Spins

Upside-down spins are even easier. Place XDISC upside-down on a smooth surface (floor, table etc…) place your open hand on the disc, palm down, and give the disc a good spin with a twist of the wrist. XDISC can also be spun upside down on an open palm.

Multiple Players

Two or more players can spin their discs at the same time (upside down is best) to see who gets the longest spin.

Egg Toss/Hot Potato


One player spins the XDISC on their finger as shown in Tricks, then tosses it from their finger to another player. The other player attempts to catch the XDISC on their finger.

Keep it Spinning!

If they can, and with the XDISC is still spinning, the second player tosses the XDISC from their finger to another player, who attempts to catch the disc on their finger. If successful, the players back up a step, and if the XDISC is still spinning, then toss it to other players.

Not Over Yet!

If not spinning, then spin the XDISC again, and continue until someone doesn’t manage the catch.



Same rules as the Horse game in basketball. If a player can’t repeat an XDISC trick done successfully by the other player they get a letter. Winner is the last one left who doesn’t spell the entire word, “H-O-R-S-E”.

Multiple Players

Two or more players.

Easy Trick Suggestion for Beginners

Toss a spinning XDISC from one finger on one hand to another finger on the opposite hand. Can be repeated for two, three, or four, or more, back and forth.

Toss & Catch

Young Players and Beginners

XDISC is the perfect flying disc for younger players and beginners because of its patented aerodynamics. The super stable and accurate flight of XDISC makes learning how to throw a flying disc easy, even with the minimal spin most beginners generate in a throw.


Beginners and younger players will quickly gain confidence in their ability with XDISC. This keeps them active and practicing moves and tricks longer than with other discs.


Get ’em outside and get ’em moving with XDISC!


In the Freestyle Groove

Throw the disc back and forth, catching on one finger, then preforming tricks you’ve learned before. Throw the XDISC back to your partner (or the next player in a circle of three or more), who can do tricks they’ve learned before, then pass to their partner or the next person.

Be Creative and Use Your Imagination

Invent your own XDISC tricks and moves. The sky is the limit!

Multiple Players

Two or more players.



One player throws the XDISC at a steep 45 degree or greater angle to create the boomerang effect and have it return to the player or another person.

Wind Conditions

Use the wind to your advantage. Throw facing in the direction of the wind to help with the boomerang effect and have it return to your position.

Multiple Players

One or more players. This game can be re-worked into many other varities depending on how many players.