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Learn about XDISC’s design and how it was built to perform!

Core Features of XDISC

What makes XDISC the best flying disc around. Learn about the pyramid, aerodynamics and much more.

XDISC Design

All the details about our design and the science behind XDISC. Learn about how we take advantage of the Coanda Effect, provide greater stablity and the amazing trick deck that makes freestyle available to everyone.

Core Features of XDISC


The concave flight-plate provides an ergonomic grip for a natural throwing position. This results in less hooks and slices during launch. Also, because the base of the pyramid in the XDISC is depressed into the disc, the aerodynamic property referred to as the “Coanda” effect occurs.


Looks cool! Works like a rudder so it flies straight! Makes super spins super easy, just grip it and twist your wrist. Now it’s a trick gyroscope! Air pressure on pyramid kicks the leading edge up so beginners have more level flights.


Stronger than a cone! Keeps XDISC rigid when launched instead of torquing out of shape like flat discs do. This makes the patented aerodynamics kick in right away, instead of half-way through the flight like flat discs that have shape distortion during launch. The four flat sides also provide better grip for spins than a cone, and the pyramid reduces the static air dome that builds over flat discs when spinning in flight with the fan-like action of the four pyramid edges.

The Original, Ground Breaking Design — now Perfected.

XDISC is a direct descendant of the Pyra-Disc. This disc has the original pyramid design, but XDISC has taken it to a whole new level. Re-designed from the ground up, XDISC has all the original features but with help of cutting-edge science and tools to create the most aerodynamic disc yet! The foundation of the pyramid design is now perfected.

Take a look at our About page to learn more about XDISC, Pyra-Disc and the history behind this exciting innovation in flying discs.



XDISC shatters the status-quo, traditional flat flying disc design concept in both form and function. The features listed here help show the magnitude of change created by the central pyramid, dished flight-plate, and the advanced aerodynamics built into XDISC’s design. XDISC is the direct descendant of early versions of the concept, PYRA-DISC and STARDISC (see Our Story). Now, with XDISC, all the elements of the paradigm shift initiated with it’s earlier version have been refined and perfected for flying and gaming perfection.

Coanda Effect

Because of XDISC’s evolutionary shape, the aerodynamic property known as the Coanda Effect occurs. This helps beginners get good flight and improves performance.

Gyroscopic Inertia

Spin it upside down on its point like a top and it will balance on almost anything! All XDISC tricks and moves are made possible by it’s gyroscopic properties. Many advanced tricks work by upsetting the gyro stability, letting gamers do amazing turn-overs and other brand-new tricks.


The structural strength of the four-sided center pyramid enables XDISC to resist “taco-ing” during launch. XDISC also features a proprietary performance-tuned wall thickness for a balance of strength and weight.


The pyramid acts like a rudder, creating two equal airflows on either side, noticeably stabilizing XDISC’s flying characteristics.

Trick deck

The trick deck is specially designed for advanced XDISC moves and is the smooth circular area between the outer and inner rings of XDISC.

Wait… There’s More!

XDISC’s concave flight-plate and four-sided pyramid provide many improvements over flat disc aerodynamics, but there’s even more design elements that make XDISC unique. Advanced rim-ratios, variable-tuned wall thicknesses, and no ejector-ring scarring are all exclusive XDISC improvements that provide a better gaming and flying experience for everyone.