XDISC is the original and totally revolutionary gaming Disc of the Future!

XDISC! The worlds most versatile flying disc. A patented gull-wing profile provides super accurate and stable flight even at low-speed. The XDISC's superior aerodynamic design makes it simple for beginners of all ages, and the concave flight plate allows for a more natural grip and throwing position. Not only is it easier and more comfortable than a traditional flying disc, the center pyramid allows tricks and spins to be performed! The trick possibilties are endless and the sky is the limit.

XDISC is more than a flying disc! Spin it! Toss it! Flip it!

Pass it on


XDISC encourages play through physical activity, and social interaction with others. XDISC provides children and adults the opportunity to enjoy the indoors or outdoors with others, or solo. Unplug from your tv, computer and all your devices and chill out with XDISC! The endless amount of tricks, spins and flip possibilities this flying disc offers also promote creativity and individuality. XDISC never requires a charger, batteries or internet connection, and provides hours of fun and face to face interaction for people of all ages!



The pyramid acts as a rudder to stabilize the lateral directional flying characteristics of XDISC. This causes the pyramid to generate aerodynamic yawing moments which stabilize the turning tendency of XDISC through the air. Because the base of the pyramid in the XDISC is depressed into the disc, the aerodynamic property referred to as the “Coanda” effect occurs which stabilizes the boundary layer. The Coanda effect occurs because, when the stream lines of the flow across the top surface of the XDISC bend, a radial pressure gradient is induced in the flow so that the pressure field just overcomes the centrifugal force of the curved flow. As a result, additional lift is generated in the XDISC. Since this additional lift occurs at any speed, this feature of the XDISC is a particular advantage at low speeds.


The XDISC pyramid provides strength to the structure of the disc. As is generally known, triangular shapes provide extremely strong support for compressional loads. By placing the triangular pyramid’s axis normal to the bending plane of the XDISC, the bending moment is taken as a compressive force or tension load on each face of the pyramid. As a result, the XDISC maintains its aerodynamic shape throughout it's flight path, in addition to enabling the XDISC to perform other tricks during flight such as spinning, flipping, bouncing and passing! This also enchances the accuracy of the XDISC in the early stages of flight, that is, upon launching, when the compressional forces are the greatest. When throwing or spinning an XDISC you will notice just how accurate and responsive this flying disc can be!




  • Patented, advanced gull-wing profile provides accurate, stable flight
  • Concave flight plate provides better grip when throwing
  • Proprietary performance-tuned wall thickness

  • Advanced aerodynamics means easier to throw for beginners
  • Highly accurate flight path ideal for disc golf approach shots and putting

  • Exclusive “ejection core” technology eliminates ejector ring scarring on rim
  • Structural strength of pyramid enables XDISC to resist "taco-ing" during launch

  • Less turbulent and more stable than other discs


Model F1 XDISC specs:

Weight 127 grams

Diameter 9.75 "

Rim Height 1.18"

Total Height 1.68”

Pyramid Base Width 2.07”

Pyramid Height 1.24"

Trick Deck Width 3.10”


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